• YogiGuruNanda I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/yuLavjDHcr Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
    YogaontheEdge #letsgetflexy Day 20: Raja Bhujangasana/King Cobra Pose. This pose is neither part of my personal… http://t.co/8hkxXDRDtJ
    108Asanas The complete yoga series designed for the warrior in you! Next lady & pose is Bhujangasana, Full Cobra by @108Asanas http://t.co/KPOMynpxKl
    PetraObuchov Day 20 (yesterday!!!) of #octoberyogachallenge with #beachyogagirl and I am doing the Raja Bhujangasana. I had to... http://t.co/uH7AOXNSvd
    BeaconsYoga Tuesday at the Mercure Swansea Hotel, 18.30-19.30. Peak pose is Bhujangasana - the Cobra! HISSSSSSS
    FerryVdPavert Ebola prevention building up immunity by practicing the bhujangasana or cobra from yoga system daily "NOW" stay fit. http://t.co/n6B3ERcXrU