• cara_leung Why are they all doing the 'Alex' the lion pose? (@ Torre di Pisa - @internetfest) http://t.co/Aouh0fEMXt
    conviincingly RT @SheerioPawPrint: Ed does the Lion king pose with a kitty! ☺ -- http://t.co/RwzY39X7Hq
    Bridget_W1 @Blake_MitchellX so the DEER painted the lion in pose as he scans for food...interesting and beautiful.
    mynationtwits Home Remedies And Tips: Simha-asana - The Lion Pose http://t.co/NE15PCMP3l
    Shiloh_Britz @yongshinlover when some people say she have the same expression..lol..she is way better than a sea lion pose ;p
    MarisaH92 Every time I see a picture of Rafiki from Lion King I now know he's sitting in lotus pose and what mudra his hands are in. Random knowledge.