• nancyjsiebert @kimczwicker beautiful lion cub! Wonderful pose!
    LyePats Sea lion pose! Sleepy headie Kisses.. Why so cute. Love love! ❤️🐶😘💋 http://t.co/bWMVtWKKLV
    TAEKWOON__J RT @exonaked: *leo does the cat pose* hongbin: lion.. #VIXX leobin #ERROR pls
    susanna_oost Maybe one day some lion will pose behind his lifeless body. Right before some distraught 'father' kills the lion... http://t.co/yLdoGeTxPV
    agnessa_24 @angiieee_23 "let's do the lion king pose" "you mean titanic" 😂😂
    chenen27 Lion king hair 😝😁🐷 Trying to work it out that pose like @beeprinsloo ♥♥♥ Nagbabakasakaling… http://t.co/FusqOT4XCS