• astridsviews This #Lion is so drugged up! Close the #Zoo, send animals to #sanctuary! http://t.co/ooEd9LPFWP
    chloellx How can anyone be proud of themself for killing a hand raised lion trapped in an enclosure and pose next to it @MelissaBachman disgusting!
    ecutemeow VOGUE POSE, DRIVEWAY LION STATUE http://t.co/LaSCYkYJfU
    MHemmat89 #Rusty with the lion king pose. http://t.co/UINOfDZofb
    yung______lion RT @KardashianReact: how girls pose for pictures 😭😂 http://t.co/gQT1VHBH3K
    NeilTheChamp If someone would draw a picture of a lion in a combative pose while wearing a crown for me, I'll get it tattooed on my left arm. Thanks <3